Basic Insoles

The basic insole has a fixed design to provide support and some shock absorption. The Basic insole is made up of Blue EVA foam that using the flow of interconnected air cells to provide a chock adsorption. There also an advances heelcup for stabilizing the foot in both casual and active conditions. The black fiber upper also provides grib leading to more traction and output in each step. These insoles are still a great choice but to not reap the benefits of having a custom fit.

The insole is made to individual size


Carbon fiber

Carbon Fiber Stiffening is a footwear modification that involves installing a 2-3 millimeter plate made of carbon fiber into footwear. The plate is contoured to the general shape of the shoe and is used to immobilize an area of the foot without immobilizing the ankle.



The EVA material is a high-density foam polymer, also known as Ethylene Vinyl Acetate, which possesses excellent shock-absorbing properties that are long-lasting. By using EVA insoles, one can alleviate discomfort and pain caused by standing or walking for extended periods of time

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